Eva Krul

Content creator | Dream chaser
“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”

I am working in the kitesurf industry as a travel agent, kite coach and hostess of guesthouse the KiteFinca. I've been collaborating with several brands but I never felt a real "bond" until I met the PLKB crew, which is now like a family! They produce solid gear that meets all my needs: as a teacher, beginner in foil & wave.. but also as a freerider and freestyler while i'm trying to push myself, every singel session. 

Name Eva Krul
Age 34
Height 179
Weight 63 kg
Disciplines Freestyle, Bigair


It's solid. It's robust and it's Dutch. And you know what they say... "it ain't much, if it ain't Dutch" 

My gear


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