Embracing "Never Stop Playing" as our guiding principle, we've transformed and embarked on the next phase of our quest to be the premier kite manufacturer. 

Our essence and origins remain unchanged, fueled by a profound passion for snow, buggy, land, and kiteboarding. 

PLKB's commitment isn't to flashy marketing gimmicks but to crafting top-tier kites accessible to all, fostering enjoyment and excitement.

A Family

A brand is nothing without a great team to test and enjoy the gear we make.

We are proud to have a dedicated team of riders follow their passion for water, snow and land all around the world. We wanted to show them our appreciation by dedication each one a page to themselves. For each rider you can find some information about what they do, what they love and how they became part of the PLKB team, as well as action photos of them shredding!

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1971 - 2024


Born in 1946, Peter Lynn started flying kites at a young age. He began his career as an engineer, graduated BE Mech Hons in 1969 and began working full time in the kite field in 1971. He has been a leading innovator and a driving force in international kiting industry ever since. With the sole aim of being on the leading edge of kite design, Peter and his team hold credits for an impressive list of industry firsts and patents, such as the invention of the kite buggy in 1990, the C-Quad in 1997 and the “Arc” style – or Twinskin type – kites in 1999. Still on the cutting edge of kite innovation PLKB, develops the best gear for you to enjoy your ride!