KOTA 2019

From 26 January till the 10th of February it was time to open the wind window for the most extreme kiteboarding event of 2019. Time for the Redbull King of the air 2019.
This year for the second year in a row, 18 world’s best riders came down to Kite beach, Cape Town South Africa. A great opportunity for them to show what they are capable of in the strong winds of the Cape Doctor. After a few days of waiting for the wind, the 31th of January it was finally time for the first heats of the KOTA.

One of those 18 riders was our Dutch teamrider Jerrie van de Kop. Starting in heat 3 against Liam Whaley and Posito Martinez. These guys made it extremely difficult for Jerrie to make it trough the next round. So after finishing heat 3, he first had to fight against Aaron Hadlow for a place in the next round. But of course he won and managed to do so.

The kite he chose for the big event was the new Escape. The Escape is built for the ambitious and experienced rider that performs hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, and like high jumps and kite loops. The deep profile gives the kite a lot of grunt without sacrificing the upwind performance. This ensures you will stay in the competition box to perform more tricks in your heat. Great line slack for unhooked riding, explosive pop with great hang time and soft landings are attributes of the Escape.

So a perfect setup for the some mega loops at Kite beach to get the crowd going crazy. And that is exactly what he did. Cheering op the crowd with his favorite tricks high in the sky!