3 Days of Racing

Here a report of the Defi Kite 2019 in France. This event is the biggest event in France/world with 400 riders on the same starting line ! I already took part in 2015 and 2016. But this was my first time on a hydrofoil. This year we managed to do 3 days of competition, 6 races from 20 to 40km, on Peter lynn hook and chubanga hydrofoil.

Race Results

First day, wind was 25-30 knots, we practiced two races of 20 km at full speed (reaching). 10km to go and 10km back. This made the legs feel hard, so i managed to do 8th and 12th. The second day, the forecast got better and better! But harder condition for me because i'm not used to foil in about 30-35 knots and "cold" weather . This was the perfect time to use a 6 and 4sqm hook, After it took me to 6th place on the first race of 20km and 8th on a crazy 40km round at 30knots of average. In the end this put me on a sixth place overall. But this was not enough for me.

The last day was the craziest one! 45 knot to 50 knot of offshore wind, This made the conditions harder for foiler but better for speed board as close as possible to the shore. I already knew that it gonna be hard for me as far as my smaller kite is a 4sqm and its the first time I used a kite that small!
So i grabbed a twintip from a friend for the first 20 km. But i ended up 27th. So i put all of my efford into the last race, if i wanted to stay in the top 10. So took a foil and 3sqm. This was exactly what i had to do. Because this heat i managed to get 22th. Putting me on a 10th positition in general exactly.

Defi kite all about good moods on the beach, vibes, party, big kite village and a lots of spectators. For me defi kite at Gruissan and also festikite at Montpellier are the best events in France.