PLKB 4-line Powerkite bar V2

We developed the PLKB 4-line Powerkite control bar V2 for all 4-line power kites such as the Hornet and Twister. It allows more precise control and good kite response. The Ronstan pulley allows the powerlines to move along with the steering lines and creates balance between fast steering and forward flying. The powerlines are adjustable to trim your kite to perfection. A brake line attached to the steering lines will create easy self-landing or operates as safety with the safety leash.

    This bar works on the new- and older PLKB Hornet and Twister. All new PLKB 4-line powerkites are equipped with the Powerkite bar V2.
    - Attach the front/power lines to the grey adjustable center line.
    - Attach the steering lines to the red and grey leader lines on each end of the bar.
    - When the kite tends to backstall (fly backwards), shorten the front/power lines by moving the line one knot towards the Pulley.

Enjoy Flying!