Uniq TR

With the Uniq Tr we went back to the drawing table and created the ultimate trainer kite! A powerful 2-line Single Skin kite that is practically indestructible and perfect for any occasion. A large wind window, massive power in the low end and affordable too. We believe that the PLKB Uniq Tr will become the bestseller of all time. The Uniq Tr doesn't require a safety leash.



Because the Uniq Tr is a single skin kite, without any closed cells that can explode in a frontal crash, it is nearly indestructable. Therefore the Uniq Tr is super durable and perfect for intensive use.

Easy and Powerful

The 2-line Uniq Tr is super easy to fly while it's extremely powerful for its size. The Uniq Tr flies easily to the side of the wind window for a small power brake. This makes the Uniq Tr a lot of fun for all ages.

High flying speed

The Uniq Tr has a pre-shaped nose reinforced with nylon fibers that give it a firm shape. This gives the Uniq Tr a great performance, a high flying speed and the ability to fly to the edge of the wind window to decrease power. It turns predictably with tight fast corners to create the best experience.

Light wind performance

Because the Uniq Tr has only a Single layer, the weight is reduced by half. This gives it a better float and performance in low wind conditions, with more power than you would expect. Fun in only a summer breeze is guaranteed.

Ready to Fly

The Uniq Tr comes complete and ready to fly; with bag, manual, sticker, key hanger, bar and pre-attached lines so you'll be flying in no time!

Premium Quality

Every size is individually designed to ensure maximum fun and performance. The Uniq Tr is made of high quality 40D fabric and comes with SK75 lines and stitched bridles to make it as durable as possible.

Product Wingspan M Surface M2 Colour Cells Control type Wind Range (Knots)
PLKB Uniq TR 1.0 complete 1.871 1 Blue 11 Bar 7 - 31
PLKB Uniq TR 1.5 complete 2.372 1.5 Orange 11 Bar 6 - 27
PLKB Uniq TR 2.0 complete 2.828 2 Red 11 Bar 5 - 23
PLKB Uniq TR 2.5 complete 3.162 2.5 Black 11 Bar 4 - 19