Impulse TR

To make your powerkiting progression fun as well as challenging, the Impulse TR is safe, easy to fly and has a big wind range. The Impulse TR flies easily in light winds so beginners can fly it with confidence, fly it in higher winds and experience the power and excitement of a real powerkite!

The Impulse TR is the perfect tool to introduce your kids, spouse, friends or family to the exhilarating world of traction kiting. Its stability and easy controls paired with its ‘bombproof’ construction ensure many hours of carefree kiting. The Impulse TR offers a fun and challenging learning curve towards mastering flying powerkites with a control bar.
Product Wingspan M Surface M2 Colour Cells Control type Wind Range (Knots)
PLKB Impulse TR 1.5 complete 2.1 1.5 Light Green 14 Bar 6 - 27
PLKB Impulse TR 2.0 complete 2.5 2 Orange 14 Bar 6 - 26
PLKB Impulse TR 2.5 complete 2.7 2.5 Red 14 Bar 5 - 23
PLKB Impulse TR 3.0 complete 3 3 Black 14 Bar 5 - 20