Antonio *Tony Sunrise* Intini

I started my kite experience with a small 2 lines open cell kite after a trip in Fuerteventura on 2005, it was love at first sight because I discovered the possibilities to ride all season by the wind force with a power kite, before, since 1989, I had practised only snowboarding.
I’m a medium / expert rider, my sessions are very various, I practice a lot of speciality in all fields: freestyle and freeriding, waveriding, hydrofoiling, snowkiting and landkiting  because I change the spots and conditions frequently. For me all fields must be ridden!

Name Antonio *Tony Sunrise* Intini
Age 51
Height 174
Weight 89 kg
Disciplines Wave, Freestyle, Foiling, Snow


I have always been passionate about the Peter Lynn brand, and for more than 6 years I have only used these kites for all disciplines, water, land and snow, for me they are the top.

My gear


Favorite spot