Javi Mezo

I started snowkiting in 2008, I live in the Spanish Pyrenees and I am a mountain guide so I try almost every day to discover new areas to snowkite.
I also really like traveling to snowkite, the last 2 countries that I have known to snowkite have been Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, and the next I hope is Mongolia.
I have also gone to quite a few snowkite races in Europe, thanks to this I have met quite a few snowkiters and PLKB kites, first the Aero and then the leopard, and since then they are essential for me.

Name Javi Mezo
Age 52
Height 180
Weight 70 kg
Disciplines Freestyle, Race, Bigair, Snow


Because the flight capacity of these kites is incredible, you can go very fast with total safety because you always know what your kite is going to do.
They are also indestructible and light.

My gear


Favorite spot