Lisanne de Groot

Bouncing ball & terror tick are my nicknames. Exercise has been a part of my life for a long time. After 5 years of MMA I switched to kite surfing in 2016 and I fell completely in love with the sport.

In 2019 I broke my foot after landing a kiteloop incorrectly. I already had a 13m Escape and was very happy with the stability of the kite. Because I could not yet stand firmly on my foot, I wanted to test whether these kites, even in smaller sizes, suited me better than my other kites.

PLKB helped me a lot and before I knew it I was a team rider. :)

Name Lisanne de Groot
Age 30
Height 164
Weight 65 kg
Disciplines Wave, Freestyle, Bigair


PLKB is an incredible Dutch brand! no nonsense and only new products when things have actually changed. I like that mindset!

I am also a big fan of the quality of the products and the vision that PLKB has. #NeverStopPlaying. Because that is the most important thing in life! And let's be honest... That Escape V8 looks super sexy.

My gear


Favorite spot