My name is Nicolas and I am a kitesurfing addict.

When I am on the water I am so focused I lose track of time and stress.

Afterwards I am nicely recharged for the next challenge.

When you become an intermediate rider my suggestion is to choose different kite models according to what you can do in that wind strength, and not one model in different sizes. Let me explain:

When it is scary stormy (>40 knots), you need a Swell, because in the gusts you need a stable kite who depowers well to give you a confident ride. At this time, the waves are big, and a wave kite is what you need! For big-air, don’t worry, the lift on this “wave” kite is pretty good, look at my WOO.

When you are powered up but in control, I ride the Escape (25-30 knots) because this is the perfect kiteloop machine so you can be confident the kite will catch you whilst doing a late backroll or frontroll kiteloop.

When there is a nice thermal (15-25 knots), I choose the Hook. This kite is so powerful when you sheet in (like a truck) so you can train your high-powered riding and have great boosts and hangtime for old-school moves and try to be like Kevin Langeree (inverted frontroll etc). The high aspect ratio design gives upwind angle without the risk of a frontstall due to the thicker leading edge.

For light wind it depends on the surface of the front wing of the hydrofoil you ride and the conditions of the water.

I take my freeride/wave foil with the Nova on short lines when it’s around 10-15 knots.

I combine my race foil with the Aero when it is flat and barely enough (7 knots).

Hope this changes your mind!


Age 35
Height 181
Weight 73 kg
Disciplines Freestyle, Speed, Foiling, Bigair, Megaloop, Buggy, Snow


Why I ride PLKB? It's a no-nonsense kite brand who have the longest experience, and they are neighbors located in the Netherlands, so they know my playground, the north sea as the best! When you (and your kite) can kite here, you can everywhere

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