Queney Sébastien

Story start with an old Peterlynn hornet in 2011 and a landboard ! Then i take some kitesurfing lesson and can't stop since these days !

Back to PL kite with the Aero v1 for racing.. hook, escape, nova, synergy, swell ... i tried all the range of PLKB kite and decided to sell some stuff in Caribbean. What i like with PLKB team is the accessibility of the designer and team manager, they like to get feedback from differents users to improved the gear

Name Queney Sébastien
Age 36
Height 180
Weight 78 kg
Disciplines Formula, Foiling, Race, Bigair


Nova : i ride it when condition are light and tricky for race kite (small place, small launch), unmatch stability for freeride, easy to use, easily lanch and relaunch, a much have in a quiver !

Hook v2 : i use it for foiling (speed) and also for boosting big on twintip, it give me huge hangtime for oldschool tricks and big boost for kiteloop. it is also my kite for "Defi Kite", long distance racing in strong wind (4m² to 10m²), 60knots to 25knots of wind !

Aero v2 : my kite for racing (Open class) and progression, very stable, powerfull. Aero allow me to ride at 4 knots ! :)

Synergy : Wow ! best gift for me, turn quick, turn fast, a real toy for foiling and quick transition. So much fun with this kite

About the twin tip, i use the capital v2 for big and also freestyle, but i'm too old for handlepass now ;)

My gear


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